Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Until the final victory of internet users!

The User's Red Army!

17/01/2007: USCR Red Army created by Supreme Soviet consensus.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Preamble to the Treaty on the Creation of the USCR

People of the Commonwealth of Google Bloggers,

We hereby declare the creation of the Union of Soviet Cyberspacial Republics. This great Union rises from the will and strife of weary bloggers against the capitalist, ruthless Google Corporation. We hereby declare the domain sovereign and outside the sphere of influence of Google Corporation.

Our sole objective: the union and friendship of all bloggers, under the banner of freedom and true freedom of speech. We shall use of revolutionary violence against the designs of capitalist monopolies, ensuring our sphere of influence over all blogspot domains, and ultimately proceeding to the final victory of the enemy's continental capital province:

Our grand objective is the unification of cyberspace under our banner. The people in Wikiland Free Republic swore alliegence to us. The people all over Wiki Republics are supportive to our cause.

Information should never stay inside the vaults of the wealthy, for information is power. And power belongs to the people.

Bloggers of the World, Unite!